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Encouraging Conversations

Join ethnic community leaders from around Aotearoa New Zealand as they reflect on the work they have done to prevent sexual violence within ethnic communities the country. In 2019 Shama started working in this sphere. We work in partnership with ethnic groups, organisations, and communities to create culturally and linguistically appropriate materials that communities can use to learn new skills to prevent sexual harm. You can find a summary of the work that we have done with the different groups at shama.org.nz/cd/projects/prevention. Encouraging Conversations is a podcast series developed by Shama, an ethnic women’s organisation started 20 years ago in Kirikiriroa Hamilton, Aotearoa New Zealand. Since our foundation Shama have supported ethnic women, their families and communities to flourish while settling in Aotearoa NZ.

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Host: Juanita Rojas Category: Ethnic Voices Language: English Website: Visit Programme Website Email: info@freefm.org.nz

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Waikato iwi have a unique writing style as they use double vowels not macrons. In respect to Waikato iwi we have adopted this standard of writing.

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Proudly Funded by New Zealand On Air to create NZ Podcasts and Content