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Low Power FM

LPFM (Low Power FM) broadcasting is thriving in Hamilton, with a range of broadcast signals situated around the city, and entirely filling the allowable LPFM bands [87.6 to 88.3 and 106.7 to 107.7]

This page is intended as a central information source related to LPFM broadcasting in and around Hamilton and as an up-to-date directory of contacts should you wish to contact an LPFM operator.
If you are aware of any LPFM broadcasts that are not listed here, are responsible for an LPFM station in the Waikato region, or wish to update any information, please submit your details using our form.

The following list is as accurate as we can make it based on current information. The LPFM scene is constantly changing so check back often for latest developments.

87.6 Radio Robotic 
Transmission location:  
Coverage: marginal
Format:  Indie music
History: founded 2012
Contact details: radiorobotic@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/RadioRobotic/timeline

87.7 Rush FM
Transmission location: North Hamilton
Coverage: North Hamilton
Format: Music, geopolitical and environmental discourse
History: Started broadcasting on 87.7 in September 2010
Contact details: Roy Harlow Phone 0800-100-857
Website: https://www.facebook.com/RushFMNewZealand

87.9 Christian Radio
Transmission location: Central City
Coverage: Hamilton City
Format: Christian discourse - "Top on family values, bottom of the dial"
Contact details: 7th Day Adventists

88.0 Noize Radio
Transmission location: London St, Hamilton CBD
Coverage: Hamilton wide, CBD
Format: Hamilton's Premiere on-line electronic music radio station. With up to date music, live DJs, International interviews, guest mixes and national events
Contact details: Joshua Penn joshua@noizeradio.co.nz    contact@noizeradio.co.nz   
Website: www.noizeradio.co.nz

88.1 Hamilton West School
Transmission location: Hamilton West School
Contact details:  

Transmission location:   
Contact details:  

88.3 Spice FM
Transmission location: Central city, streamed from Auckland
Coverage: 28.4.15 - Signal appears to spill across band from 88.0 to 88.5 blocking out other LPFMs
Format: Indian language - news, music
History: Spice FM
Contact details:  

88.3 Rhode Street School Radio
Transmission location: Rhode Street School, Dinsdale
Coverage: West Hamilton
Format: primary school student information
Contact details:  
Website: http://rhodestreetschoolradio883fm.blogspot.com

106.7 The Hum
Transmission location: Free FM premises, 214 Collingwood St
Coverage: Hamilton City
Format: The Hum is Hamilton's only dedicated Hamilton & NZ indie/alt/rock/noise station.
Brought to you by Free FM
History: launched November 2015
Contact details: Manager: Phil Grey. thehum@freefm.org.nz
Website: https://www.facebook.com/htownhum

106.9 Radio City 
Transmission location: 5 Crossroads
Coverage: Hamilton City
Format: Indian / Bollywood / pop music, advertising for Khyber Foods
History: appeared mid-April 2012, blocking other users on 88.1 and getting significant coverage despite little elevation. Moved to 106.9 in 2012
Contact details:   

107.0 Sounds Familiar
Transmission location: Chartwell, Hamilton
Coverage: Chartwell and nearby suburbs
Format: Easy listening popular music 1930s to 1960s
History: launched 1 Feb 2003
Contact details: Murray Orchard morchard@xtra.co.nz

107.1 RFBurns.nz
Transmission location:  
Coverage: Nawton, Te Rapa, Pukete
Format: 70s, 80s, 90s
Contact details: leytonsinbax@gmail.com
Website: RFBurns.nz

Transmission location:
Contact details:  

107.3 George FM
Transmission location:  Central city
Coverage: Hamilton city
Format: Rebroadcast of Auckland-based station now owned by mediaworks
Contact details: 09 360 4495
Website: http://www.georgefm.co.nz/

107.5 GenXFM
Transmission location:  Hillcrest
Coverage:  Hillcrest, Hamilton East
History:   added Sept 2021
Contact details:   Ian Campbell  ianc247@msn.com
Website:  genxfm.nz

107.5 Radio Mehfil
Transmission location: Frankton, Hamilton
Coverage: Hamilton city
Format: Bollywood music and news
Contact details:   
Website: http://www.mehfil.co.nz/

107.6 Asylum FM
Transmission location: Vialou St, Hamilton
Coverage: limited to nearby buildings only
Format: LPFM run by users of Centre 401
Contact details: admin@centre401.co.nz ph 838 0199

107.7 Easy FM
Transmission location: Chartwell
Coverage North Hamilton
Format 24 hour easy listening
History launched 1.1.2004
Contact details Lawrie Taylor lawrietz@hnpl.net
 107.7 Da Bomb FM
 Transmission location:
Fitzroy, Hamilton
 Coverage  Hamilton
 Format  dance
 History  Added Sept 2021
 Contact details
Lance Dryden  dbserverhosting@gmail.com
 Website  dabombfmnz.weebly.com

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