We champion a platform for direct involvement in the media by the region's diverse communities.E kookiri ana maatou i te atamira paapaaho moo ngaa Maataawaka
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Absolutely Not, Sis!

Absolutely Not, Sis!

Community     English Two small-town gals navigating their 30s through grieving, thriving, or barely surviving. Courtney and Laura discuss everything from loss and heartbreak to shower thoughts and what's trending! These two have been THROUGH it but will be sure to come out the other side laughing, so... grab a drink, and get ready to have a catch up with your new besties! Episodes and More
Connect With Community Waikato

Connect With Community Waikato

Community     English An overview of the community groups and social services in the Waikato region. Episodes and More
Cosmopolitan News and Views

Cosmopolitan News and Views

Community     English Cosmopolitan News and Views introduces guests from all ages and cultures making this programme, diverse, colourful and at times controversial. This is a radio show broadcast on Free FM, an access station proudly sponsored by NZ on Air. Episodes and More
Council Comment

Council Comment

Community     English Featuring a different Hamilton City Councillor each week discussing the latest developments both within Council and around the city. Episodes and More
iDad: Full-time

iDad: Full-time

Community     English iDad is a weekly show broadcast on Free FM, an Access radio station proudly supported by NZ on Air. Episodes and More
Kelli From the Tron

Kelli From the Tron

Community     Hosted by Kelli Pike, this is a magazine style programme, centred on life in Hamilton (the Tron). Episodes and More
Localising Global Aotearoa

Localising Global Aotearoa

Community     English Creating more understanding around how wide-ranging and varied the responsibilities are for New Zealand's first wahine Māori Foreign Minister. Episodes and More
Meet Your Candidates 2022

Meet Your Candidates 2022

Community     English Meet Your Candidates is a Free FM series in which we offered 24 interview spots to Kirikiriroa Hamilton’s 2022 council candidates on a first-come, first-served basis. The weekly radio show and podcast series will highlight an eclectic range of political hopefuls – from incumbents to fresh new talent, and some political outsiders. Episodes and More
NZ Charity Podcast

NZ Charity Podcast

Community     English Helping Kiwis better understand how charities operate in New Zealand, and empowering listeners to make better contributions to the charitable organisations they serve. Episodes and More
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Proudly Funded by New Zealand On Air to create NZ Podcasts and Content