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The Bridge Zone

The game we know as Contract Bridge departed from 'whist' with the creation of 'Biritch' (or Russian Whist) in the 19th century, and evolved through the late 19th and early 20th centuries to form the present game. The Bridge Zone is a radio show and podcast encouraging fellow Bridge players to share the passion that enthusiasts have in playing this challenging game.

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The Bridge Zone - 26-06-2019
This Week... It’s Singapore and a silver medal; Bridge Blacks – Bridge Masters; Michael Cornell; NZ Bridge Chairman, Alan Morris; Rotorua Open Results – winners Gary Foidl and Anthony Hopkins; Sam Simpson and Hearts at Rotorua; Judge Julie Australian and NZ Rules; Bridge Zone Racing Channel; Wellington Regional Teams; It’s our birthday next week!
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The Bridge Zone - 19-06-2019
This Week... ‘Naki Nightmare’; National Swiss Pair Results from New Plymouth; Congratulations Grant Jarvis and Pamela Livingston; Brad Johnston – Grand Master and a story about a clock; send in your funnies; Kim Kardashian on the Bridge Zone!; mayhem, gerber, etiquette and zero tolerance policies; do harsh words past your lips?
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The Bridge Zone - 12-06-2019
This Week... It’s official, Australian Bridge Federation takes on the Bridge Zone Show; Boomerang Bridge; our Australian correspondent is Barry Crane; Under the Table – Amos Wilsmore; Judge Julie; why do we toss the coin?; Ray Curnow, Top of The South Regional Bridge Mate; Singapore APBF starts today; National 15A Swiss Pairs in New Plymouth.
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The Bridge Zone - 05-06-2019
This Week... Giocoso; Directors Auckland and Hawkes Bay Congress – results shared; Gold and Emerald; Michael Cornell and 1971; Zero to Hero; The Stookie gets the kick out; Chewi the Wookie; Judge Julie rules; four card suit overcalls; what can dummy say; what happens if you don’t watch; bidding boxes; Gerber; sponsors of both Congresses.
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The Bridge Zone - 29-05-2019
Created by Free FM, Hamilton, New Zealand
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The Bridge Zone - 22-05-2019
This Week... China; Lebenshol; medicine at tournaments; Te Awamutu Restricted; The Bridge Zone Racing Channel; Queen Birthday Weekend Congresses – Auckland and Hawkes Bay; trinkets from Barry’s China trip; Pandas; Mariusz PuczynSki; standing up for your beliefs; zero tolerance for cheating; Zia Mahmood; famous bidding decisions – bidding disasters and test your skills against the experts; Yuzhong Chen.
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The Bridge Zone - 15-05-2019
This Week... Education, mathematics, nuisance bidding, low level interference, rolling the dice (is it loaded?), how to calculate masterpoints, WAPs inter provincial results, Debbie Marcroft shares her delight in taking out the Central Intermediate IPs, this Palmy team starts to plot their next 6 months, what's REAL? a useful checklist for opening leads, Judge Julie, centrefolds, dummy wants first dibs on seeing declarers hand.
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The Bridge Zone - 08-05-2019
This Week... China is coming… Chinese translations for various parts of the show; Yuzhong Chen; Bridge2success tournament May 11; Funbridge app and play; Will Rodgers, Oklahoma's Favourite Son; Judge Julie – lateness; Good luck for those playing Inter Provincials this weekend.
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The Bridge Zone - 01-05-2019
This Week... John Wayne; Judge Julie; Results Wellington Regionals; Trouble; Sorry; the official Encyclopaedia of Bridge; Sabine Auken; Bridge2success; Sofia Bridge Festival 2019.
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The Bridge Zone - 24-04-2019
This Week... Thriller - Auckland Easter teams; the Ware theory; GOLD and BOLD; appeals and diets; Judge Julie talks appeals, score cards and bidding boxes; APBF; Mike Ware and Grant Jarvis receive special awards; pallets, darts, bridge lessons, Rubber Bridge and IPs
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The Bridge Zone - 17-04-2019
This Week... Upper Hutt Bridge Club celebrate their 50th Jubilee in May; results from Marlborough Teams and Pairs event; Ray Curnow and Jenny Pomeroy; tip of the week – cheap airfares – by Charles Ker; book of the week – I shot my Bridge Partner!; comparable bids; Johnny Cash mental health; commentators curse; Postcard from Scotland
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The Bridge Zone - 10-04-2019
This Week: AK: Aces & Knaves, Aces and Kings, Attitude & Kount, Anna Kournikova, Lessons Hutt club and WLG College, Judge Julie, Gold and Silver, Fishing with DOPE, Bridge superstitions, Coke vs Pepsi, Stripped and medicine jar, Created by Free FM, Hamilton, New Zealand.
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The Bridge Zone - 03-04-2019
This Week... Celebrations and celebrity dating; Are you a mop or a sponge?; Zia; How the experts win at Bridge; commentator’s curse; statistical analysis info; Jump over calls; Judge Julie; Think more Count more; 10 seconds; William Harlow.
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The Bridge Zone - 27-03-2019
This Week... Quote from Zia; Aces and Knaves – a Bridge movie; statistical analysis; Convention Free Bridge; stayman after 1NT rebid; rubber Bridge time; Creative Card Play – our book of the week.
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The Bridge Zone - 20-03-2019
This Week...
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The Bridge Zone - 12-03-2019
This Week... Tissues - Taranaki Congress; Winner – Anna Kalma; Bridge Zone Racing Channel - Kelly Peirse Memorial Teams; penalty cards, reserve your rights, Judge Julie; Paul Mendolsen – Winning Ways to Play Your Cards; think more, count more; Sam Punch - Keep Bridge Alive - Postcard from Scotland; cue bids - Jacoby
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The Bridge Zone - 06-03-2019
This Week... Oprah Winfrey; Collins little book of tips; Hutt Bridge club results; International publicity for Bridge; North Island teams – Tauranga results; Ware, Wear and Where – what’s in a name?; Judge Julie and coffee; Tip of the week; Taranaki Congress teams event
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The Bridge Zone - 27-02-2019
This Week... North Island Teams at Bridge Zone Racing Channel, Mereana’s favourites, zygomatic muscles, the Keep Bridge Alive campaign, Samantha Punch, Gold Coast Congress, book of the week, Bridge lesson season, Judge Julie - what is her ruling?
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The Bridge Zone - 20-02-2019
This Week... Gold Coast Congress – Pairs results; Australia Bridge Federation; Double Dummy – John McAlister; Judge Julie – opening light 3rd seat; Bridge Zone Hikoi – Hutt Valley Club.
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The Bridge Zone - 13-02-2019
This Week... John McAlister from Charlottesville Virginia – producer of the Double Dummy documentary; Results South Island teams; Gold Coast Congress; Judge Julie; Pinocchio; book of the week Winning No trump Leads by David Bird and Taf Anthias.
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The Bridge Zone - 05-02-2019
This Week... National Tournament Director – Julie Atkinson; Duplicate Bridge Rule Book 2017; South Island Teams; John McAllister – Double Dummy – The Setting Trick
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The Bridge Zone - 30-01-2019
This Week... The Bridge Zone Racing Channel goes live; Barry reports on the Tauranga Mini Congress; and where do tributes feature in the game of Bridge?
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The Bridge Zone - 23-01-2019
This Week... Luck, skill or form – what helps you at the table to rise above them all? Is there a reason for a Bridge partnership to have a pre-nup agreement? And a new feature – we highlight a Bridge book and share some of its content.
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The Bridge Zone - 16-01-2019
This Week... We close off our conversation with Samantha – Postcard from Scotland will return in February; Tournament Directors are discussed – are there gender and/or age inequality issues here?
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The Bridge Zone - 09-01-2019
This Week... Rating Points; how much Bridge per week would you need to play to improve your game; Ghandi makes it onto the Bridge Zone; finding a partner – are you lonesome tonight? – and a tip to improve your Bridge this year.
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The Bridge Zone - 02-01-2019
This Week... We 'punch' above our weight with gender and things Bridge this week – sexism, contentious opinions, inequality at the table – are we really talking about our beautiful game? Angry and upset – is there a difference and aren’t they unisex words?
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The Bridge Zone - 26-12-2018
This Week... We carry on our conversation with Sam Punch and hear the update from Kevin Judd on his journey into the Bridge World and the Bridge PhD. And Global domination – May 11th 2019 – we jump on board with Warsaw – Universal Bridge Day.
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The Bridge Zone - 19-12-2018
This Week... We're talking diet and nutrition - what's that got to do with Bridge? Plus, roll over Houdini, Norwegian Boye Brogeland and his book Bridge at the edge, Thames Bridge Festival in January 2019 and more.
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The Bridge Zone - 12-12-2018
This Week... Directors, squeezes, points systems, weak and strong no trumps, sacrificing and being a little forgiving and caring to new players.
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The Bridge Zone - 04-12-2018
This Week... The final part of Mereana and Barry's talk with Zia Mahmood, Postcard from Scotland, and what the heck is HOOL… Check out Amaresh Deshpande and his creation.
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The Bridge Zone - 28-11-2018
This Week... The Bridge Legend Zia Mahmood continues his chat with Mereana and Barry, talking about carding systems, suit preference and his partnership with another great - Michael Rosenburg.
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The Bridge Zone - 21-11-2018
This Week... Bridge legend Zia Mahmood joins Mereana and Barry – he proudly offers his opinion on the ‘cheating scandal’ that rocked and still taints the World Bridge scene. We talk Heat 1,2 and 3 and he offers his solutions to better Bridge using the Four F’s. Part 2 of this interview next week.
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The Bridge Zone - 14-11-2018
This Week... Puppet Stayman rears its head again, we talk Overcalls, Christmas Parties and about Taupo and Thames Bridge Clubs. Plus results of the NZ Team Trials at Orewa over the weekend and Double Dummy with John McAlister.
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The Bridge Zone - 07-11-2018
This Week... - Babich pairs winners - Interview Hugh McGann - Irish International - Ed Roggeveen TOPS director
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The Bridge Zone - 31-10-2018
This Week... Why join a bridge club? And a look at transfers... what are they?
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The Bridge Zone - 24-10-2018
This Week... Hamilton and Otago Southland Labour Weekend Congress Wrap Up – Ryan SONG – Smolen – Points Smoints – Exclusive Blackwood – Chocolate Eclairs – Food at the Bridge Table – Flowers – Postcard from Scotland – John McAlister – Double Dummy – and To bid or not to Bid; Sacrifice is the subject
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The Bridge Zone - 17-10-2018
This Week... No Trumps 5 Card Major Congress Aces Postcard from Scotland Zia Again Bridge Report Herman Yuan MZ Youngest Directors Waikato Bridge Club NZ Team Trails For China
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The Bridge Zone - 10-10-2018
This Week... National Congress wrap up Rubber bridge competition Interviews winners of Congress events
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The Bridge Zone - 03-10-2018
This Week... NZ Bridge 33rd Congress Winners Youth Novice Open Teams Pairs
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The Bridge Zone - 26-09-2018
This Week... Novice tournaments, Paul Marston
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The Bridge Zone - 19-09-2018
This Week... Karen Martiletti, Postcard From Scotland, Master Points, Handicaps, Congress, Provincial Life Grand Masters, Inequality Stats
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